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MANSION KHO-KHO MATCH ,HELD ON 7TH SEPTEMBER  2019.Kho kho is a popular tag and ancient game invented in India. It is played by teams of 12 nominated players out of fifteen, of which nine enter the field who sit on their knees (chasing team), and 3 extra (defending team) who try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team.

Students of Krishnamurty World School,played the match with full enthusiasm. The match was between  four mansion of the school.

    A child is like a clay who can be molded into a masterpiece only with the joint effort of both parents and teachers.

    On this TEACHERS' DAY ,keeping in mind the value of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,Dr.A.P.J. Abdulkalam & Savitribai Phule ,Krishnamurty World School acknowledged the first teacher of a child's life,"THE PARENT".

    This is a humble initiative by the teacher's of Krishnamurty World School to acknowledge our Parents who are co-operative with us  in the upbringing of the child,development of the school and helping us in maintaining the value and concept of the school.
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