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Quiz competitions enables students to think from different angles or simply ‘to think out of the box’.It promotes a healthy debate among participants in order to learn from each other.Quiz competitions are used in Schools and Universities to aid in language development and in particular subject areas of helps  in language development with the questions based in the language alone, team building process.Quiz competitions even help build the student’s soft skills.

So as Krishnamurty World School conducted Quiz competition every year for development of the children.


    STANDARD-I &II   ...Latest at KWS

    Storytelling is a creative form of expression where imagination is translated into words. It requires interactive words and actions with variations in tone, to narrate a story that keeps the listeners hooked until the end. A good storyteller also encourages the listener’s active imagination, letting them become the co-creators of the tale.It requires patience, persistence, and multiple trial-and-error attempts to master this skill.

    To enable our children with such skills,Krishnamurty World School arranged a STORY TELLING COMPETITION(ENGLISH) for class I & II.
      "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." Very True...

      Truly quoted by Rudyard Kipling.

      Krishnamurty World School has arranged a Card making activity for Mother's on 16.08.2019.


        TOPIC:-UNITY IN DIVERSITY   ...Latest at KWS

        There was a MANSION BOARD DECORATION competition held at Krishnamurty World School on 13th August 2019.The Topic for the month was Unity in Diversity.Students of four mansions from different class took part and done a wonderful job by narrating their thought on the paper.It aroused a great value for the unity in the children's mind.

        The winner mansion:
        1st:-Vasudeva mansion
        2nd:- Keshava mansion
        3rd:-Achyuta Mansion.

        Congratulations Students....


          Class board decoration Competition.
          Topic:-Amazing Facts of World   ...Latest at KWS

          Every month Krishnamurty world School conduct a class board decoration competition.The theme of the month was Amazing Facts of the World.

          Really our kids amazed us.??????

          Following are the few glimpses.
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            "Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.~ George Washington "