Our Objective



  • Upholding the revival of Indian Culture by imparting the teachings of the "Shrimad Bhagwat Gita" from Mont. to Sr. School level.
  • Bringing out an eternal triangular harmony of body, mind and soul through practice of Yoga, transcendental meditation and other spiritual awakening programmes.
  • Promoting Satwik ambience by providing vegetarian, home-made edibles keeping in view the dictum, "whatever you eat, you reflect accordingly".
  • Giving much importance to family values and relationship, joint family system and above all bringing together 3S - "Sambandh, Sampark, Sanjog".
  • Impairing the value of Saving, thereby incorporating mandatory Dhansanchay & Jansanchay concept into the young minds.
  • Instilling among children the Vedic echo of 'Matru-Pitru Seva' (service to parents) together with respect to humanity.
  • Celebrating Janmastami pompously as the Annual Day of the school.
  • Providing adequate emphasis on Sanskrit Language as the compulsory second language along with certain other foreign languages in order to help the child keep abreast with foreign culture.
  • Inducting teachers from India and abroad endowed with high moral and human values in order to empower the school's progress.
  • Igniting children through high moral teaching and strict constructive campus rules.
  • Instilling in children patriotic fervour and love for the nation.
  • Above all, creating world entrepreneurship so as to flourish start up India movement with a motto "BE A MASTER THAN BE MASTERED".

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